• Prove your theorems on endings
  • Discover new attack and defense ideas
  • Check endgame studies for correctness
  • *NEW* A demo on one of Peter Krug's endgame studies (Check Online Tutorials)

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Welcome to the World of Freezer

Freezer is a new kind of analysis tool for chess endgames. It helps you to verify your thesis, find new ideas, or test your analysis work for errors.

Have you ever had the feeling, that your analysis doesn't reveal all of the available possibilities?
Use the Freezer to discover new variants and starting points for your analysis. Let the Freezer show you deeply hidden winning or drawing manoeuvres. Discover fortresses and what is neccessary to defend them.

Have you ever wondered if you are missing a winning move?Are you playing a correspondence chess game, and you wonder if you should aim for that particular endgame?
Use Freezer to make sure you don't give away your hard earned points in the endgame.

Have you ever questioned the correctness of a study?
Many studies or problems can be verified or cooked with Freezer.

Use Freezer's unique features to build complete databases covering your particular endgame position.

Freezer uses the Nalimov Tablebases up to 6 men, that are available for free (see the links section for download address).

Read more info on Freezer's unique features and explore some examples.

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