• Prove your theorems on endings
  • Discover new attack and defense ideas
  • Check endgame studies for correctness
  • *NEW* A demo on one of Peter Krug's endgame studies (Check Online Tutorials)

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Freezer is a new kind of chess endgame analysis tool. With Freezer you've got unique features at hand like generating complete databases revealing hidden winning manouevres and drawing pitfalls.

Use Freezer to prove that your fortress works, or to show your opponent that you will win that opposite coloured bishop ending.

Check the soundness of your composed problems and studies before publishing them.

  • Generate complete databases
  • Analyze positions up to ca. 8 pieces (depending on the position)
  • Export analysis variants as PGN
  • Import and export positions as FEN
  • View and export comprehensive statistics from your generated databases
  • Build your own databases based on the Nalimov Tablebases (available for free)
  • *NEW* Supports diagrams with logarithmic scale in statistics view
  • *NEW* Supports dualcore processors and multiprocessor systems
You can download the program manual at the download page.