• Prove your theorems on endings
  • Discover new attack and defense ideas
  • Check endgame studies for correctness
  • *NEW* A demo on one of Peter Krug's endgame studies (Check Online Tutorials)

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*NEW* Video-like online tutorials

Check out how Freezer works and how to use it with our new online tutorials.
A short instruction to Freezer
Proving a draw in a World Championship game Miles-Kindermann (1983)

Here you can download the manual of Freezer (help file for windows):
Freezer.hlp (ca. 1.5 MB).

You can download the Nalimov Tablebases for three and four pieces directly from this site:
Tablebases34Setup.exe (ca. 30 MB).

For the five and six men Tablebases please refer to our links section.

If you want to put a link to one of these files on your homepage, please do not link directly to the files, but use a link to this page ( instead. Thank you.