• Prove your theorems on endings
  • Discover new attack and defense ideas
  • Check endgame studies for correctness
  • *NEW* A demo on one of Peter Krug's endgame studies (Check Online Tutorials)

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December 27th 2005

A new demo can be found at the examples section. The video shows how to use Freezer for an endgame study composed by Peter Krug.

November 20th 2005

Minor update to Freezer 1.1.1 available. Fixes a problem with exploiting the colour of the bishops. The screenshots for example 1 were also updated.

November 1st 2005

New online tutorials can be found at the examples section. The video-like tutorials offer step by step instructions.

October 31st 2005

Release of new Freezer Version 1.1. New features include full support for dualcore processors and multiprocessor systems, FEN import and export, optional logarithmic scaling in diagram view, support for Nalimov Tablebases for pawn promotions.
To get the update for free, please use the download link in your order cofirmation email.

October 20th 2005

Freezer proves draw in world championship game Michael Adams vs. Alexander Morozevich. Read more

May 18th 2005

The Endgame Corner of by GM Karsten Müller gives insights on the Freezer and nice examples.

May 17th 2005 proudly announces Freezer 1.0.